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KHDS green bathroom cabinet with white vertical tile and  sconce accent lighting

About KHDS

KHDS is a multi-faceted design studio that was created by architectural and principal designer, Krystal Hudson. Krystal has a background in high-end luxury design, as well as construction management, making her a perfect person to spearhead the design/build process for our clients. As a person versed in the construction process, she effortlessly communicates with specialty trades to ensure our projects are on time, budget, and are timeless for our clients to enjoy for years to come.

As designers, our projects are tailored to each client and their particular work scope. We provide furnishing and decor, as well as architectural drawings for projects that require cabinetry, floors plans, and other construction documents. Permit processing is also available for large scope projects requiring permitting.

Whether personal projects for the client's home, or an investment property, KHDS provides clients with creative solutions, expert advise, architectural drawings, furnishing, and more! Whatever your needs, we have the solution.

If you'd like a consultation, or would like to discuss your project goals, please fill out the contact form below or contact us at

Love where you live. Design and build with KHDS.

KHDS principal designer Krystal Hudson sits down to discuss passion for interior design

Meet the face
behind the designs

Hi! My name is Krystal Hudson. I am the principal designer at KHDS. Welcome welcome!

To start, we put passion into everything that we create and the biggest bonus, working in this field that we all love, is that we help people create spaces that they love and will create beautiful lifelong memories in. We take pride in knowing that our clients trust us in their homes, with their families, and in what I like to call their sanctuary. Home is truly where the heart is, and we put our heart and care in every design that we create for our clients. Not only do we enjoy seeing the look on their faces when they finally move into their home, we also feel just as much joy as they do when its finally completed. That look of joy is what we always strive for!

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