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Buy & Sell w/ KHDS!

KHDS is a solution-oriented studio, and as such, we are always looking for creative solutions to help our clients navigate the difficulties of home ownership. This includes buying, designing and maintaining, as well as selling. We assist you in each stage of the process providing the best solutions for your family needs. 

Sell your house as-is. No repair fees, no hassle, fast closings. Complete the form below for an offer today!


Our team of experienced professionals specialize in finding, controlling, selling, and assigning off market properties and contracts to investors. 


Invest in real estate passively with private lending. Fill our the form below or email us to join our Lender's Program.

KHDS principal designer Krystal Hudson at demolition site

Where one person sees chaos, we see space and opportunity. Let us help you turn your chaos into a win!

We welcome all properties - tear down, distressed, or we can help you get it market ready. Whatever stage, we have a strategy that works for you! 

Learn more about our buy and sell real estate services at!

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