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When to hire an interior designer

What is interior design? A lot of people love the world of interior designer and fancy themselves to be designers. While even the DIYer can practice the trade, let's take a deeper look into what the profession of interior design entails.

While furnishing and decorating is a major part of our job description, this is actually the last step in our process! Before we can fully furnish a home, we first must build the home. At our design studio, we make sure we have the end look in mind throughout the entire process. Not only do we tear down walls, open up new spaces, and create new walls as needed, we source all finish materials, but all furnishings and decor are also selected, ordered, and delivered to be installed as soon as the construction process ends. While shopping is a major part of our work, we're a part of the project from A to Z making sure all purchased furnishings fit perfectly into the spaces that were designed for them!

Do you often do it yourself?

“Knowing what to do yourself and what to outsource is key."

When to hire an interior designer

On most major remodel projects, you'll have a team that includes the architect, contractor, and interior designer. A lot of times the jobs between the architect and interior designer overlap and only one is needed to complete the project. Luckily for our clients, as an architectural designer, we wear many hats. Interior design in some ways shouldn't be done yourself, and this when you put together the dream team that's going to build your home!

I enjoy the clients who love to do things themselves. Knowing what to do yourself and what to outsource is key. Because we specialize in building permit procurement, many clients opt to have us design the architectural elements of the home, even when they'd rather do the shopping themselves. This is perfectly fine by us! Shop with us or shop on your own! We work and take on the roles that are asked of us. If you choose to shop with our firm, we can offer items that are only sold to the trade, as well as items at discounted prices than what is sold to the general public. So shop at your own risk!

Architectural elements

Everything must go."

Some move into homes that need little to no touch ups done to them. Others purchase new properties and realize, everything must go. Which homeowner are you? In Los Angeles, its very standard for new homeowners to come directly to us after purchasing the home. They've purchased in a great community, and now they need us to work our magic and turn their house into a custom home designed specific to their family.

Same can be said of homeowners looking to put their homes on the market. As an investor and seller friendly design studio, we can spruce your place up with minimal costs so you get the biggest bang for your buck once you're ready to put it on the market! We offer staging services as well. Whether you're purchasing a new home that needs to be remodelled, are looking to fix and flip, or are getting ready to sell KHDS is at your service!

Get Inspired

To keep up with all things KHDS, including interior design tips and interesting articles, head over to the KHDS Blog. You may even find yourself inspired to start doing your own DIY projects, adding unique designs, and stunning images and videos. Start creating your own look now. Good luck!


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